What to Expect at The Downtown Church
Mostly...a good time

We know...churches have a history of being....well...stuffy. That's not the case here. The whole premise of our church is to be a place for everyone. We even say it in our Vision Statement - A place for rich & poor, young & old, believers & nonbelievers. So feel free to put on your suit and tie or if you're more comfortable, roll out of bed in your jammies. It's all the same to us. We just care that you find a place you feel welcomed and loved. Now, we can't answer all your questions in this space, but we'll hit the ones we hear the most. If your question isn't answered, feel free to send us a message. 

  • What kind of church are you anyway?
    • We are a United Methodist Church
  • Where do I park?
    • Our main parking lot is just to the east of the church. There's also lots of street parking within two blocks and the lot behind the Missouri Employment Security is open on the weekends.
  • What do I wear?
    • Just wear what you feel comfortable in.
  • What about my kids?
    • We love having all ages together, so the first part of our worship is for everyone. There's usually a children's moment in the middle, and after that, kids between the ages of 4-11 go upstairs for an age-appropriate time of songs and lessons.
  • What is it like?
    • Ooohhhh, good question? It's kind of like the familiar songs of your childhood church, meets the beautiful architecture of our historic sanctuary, mixed with the musical expressions of modern day. Basically, a neopolitan ice cream sandwich of a church. Delicious, pretty, and it'll make you happy. The best of multiple worlds!
  • How can I get connected?
    • We have ministries and service opportunities for all ages. Send us a message, and we'll point you in the right direction. Or, come talk to us in-person, and we'll gladly chat about what you have in mind.