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The Downtown Church

A church that meets in the middle of young & old, rich & poor, believers & non-believers. A place where Christ and the community intersect.


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Pastor Lori Lampert
Last Wednesday at 10:30 PM
We’re sad to miss another Vespers service with you all! You can find the elements of the service at the link our bio.
A little bit of beauty at #thedowntownchurch
The challenges of life are real, we are not to ignore them. But we need another way of coping, another way of living, another way of life that brings us out of the boat. It can’t always be flight-or-fight. There is a third way. We are to keep our eyes on Jesus, he is reaching out for us. #startyourweekwithscripture
Last Tuesday at 12:45 AM
Mountain top experiences give us a glimpse of what is to come. There we see it is just a thin veil between this world and the next and Jesus has removed it forever. Yet, we don't stay there. Jesus touches us on the shoulder and tell us to get up, time to go. Don’t be afraid. Taking what we know to be true, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, we come down this mountain together. #startyourweekwithscripture
We are well aware of the rapid changes happening in our community in response to COVID-19 and are taking the following precautions at The Downtown Church: • All surfaces are being sanitized. • Hand sanitizer is readily available in the pews and throughout the building. •We will greet one another with a wave and a smile, but refrain from handshakes and hugs. • The offering and bulletin slips will be collected at the door as you leave Sunday. Remember you can always give online (contact us for more information as our budget and financial responsibilities continue - • Rather than self-serve at the coffee/donuts/bagels before worship, a volunteer will serve. • Most importantly, please take the advice of the Greene County Health Department regarding hand-washing, use of  tissues, and self-isolating if you  are exhibiting any symptoms, etc. We will do our best to stay updated and will continue to use social media and emails if things change. We are in prayer for all affected by this and for the leaders and medical professionals working through these complex issues. #downtownsgf
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will interrupt your entire life. He will ask us to go where we never dreamed, into a world that is strange and wonderful. He will invite us to meet new people and share the love we have received. Our incredibly interrupted life will have new meaning and purpose far beyond what we could ever imagine. #startyourweekwithscripture
We’ll miss seeing you all at Vespers tonight...but we’ve got you covered. Link in our bio for at home participation...
Let’s play it safe and keep our distance. Follow updates on our website or Facebook page for more info.
Several of our youth rocked out at the @winterjamtour on Sunday night. It was tons of fun and the music was killer! 🤟🏻🎸🥁🎤🎼🎹
While Peter was the first disciple to proclaim Jesus to be the Messiah, he was far from perfect. This bold, brash, brave fisherman is also timid, fearful, and remorseful. We are all like Peter, doing our best to believe beyond a doubt. Like the father asking for a miracle, “Lord, we believe. Help our unbelief.” And he does. And he will. #startyourweekwithscripture
Our first Lenten Meal & Vespers service is tonight! Soup and bread at 5:30 and Vespers at 6:15. Childcare provided. #thedowntownchurch #lent #vespers #umc #downtownsgf
Thanks again to the @sumcsgf puppets! Our kids had a lot of fun enjoying the performance. #umc #thedowntownchurch