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The Downtown Church

A church that meets in the middle of young & old, rich & poor, believers & non-believers. A place where Christ and the community intersect.



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Pastor Lori Lampert

Last Monday at 7:23 PM
We remember those who sacrificed for our freedom 🇺🇸
As we study Holy Scripture, we ask what does this mean for the way I relate to God’s people? What does this tell me about the character of God and how to grow in love for God and my neighbor? We become brave enough to ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about ourselves, how we can tackle the problems around us, change our behavior, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, tear down walls. #startyourweekwithscripture
It’s #earthday and we love our beautiful planet! We encourage everyone to do their part to care for creation. Our compost bin is averaging 45lbs a week, but @springfieldcompostcollective can handle more. Invite your friends and neighbors to drop their kitchen scraps in our bin too. Plus it’s a good excuse to get out of the house. #bettertogether #downtownsgf #thedowntownchurch
Strive first for the kingdom of God. The kingdom where we are actively loving God and loving neighbor. The kingdom where we see the needs of others and respond. The kingdom where guilt is not our motivator, love is. The kingdom where we are not afraid. The kingdom where we choose to give. #startyourweekwithscripture
Brian and special guest, Albert Rasmussen, team up for a cover of Bob Dylan's classic, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." #MusicMonday
Join our Children's Coordinator and learn about Joseph from The Story for Little Ones.
As followers of Jesus Christ, you and I must choose to be kind. Not a wimp, not a victim. Kind. We can be direct, emphatic, passionate, convinced of our position, and kind. This is foremost in how we love and serve God and neighbor. I know it is not easy, but it’s right. #startyourweekwithscripture
Some of our wonderful volunteers took it upon themselves to clean up the flower bed in front of our sign. The next time you’re on a field trip, drive by and 😍😍😍 #downtownsgf #quarantinelife
If you missed the Facebook Live video yesterday, catch Brian’s rendition of Three Little Birds right here!
Join our birthday girl, Claire, for a quick tour of her yard and a fun craft using scissors, glue, and old magazines.
These words were written by King David. He knew the importance of worship. Without it we begin to believe the lie that we are the center of the universe, our arrogance takes over. Other times, we forget we were created by, and our value comes from being, beloved children of the Most High God. Worship puts us following true north, the Lord God Almighty. #startyourweekwithscripture
It’s been 4 weeks of quarantine, but for extroverts it’s closer to 4 years. Hang in there. 🙏🏼 #quarantinelife #downtownsgf #thedowntownchurch