The Downtown Church

A church that meets in the middle of young & old, rich & poor, believers & non-believers. A place where Christ and the community intersect.

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 at the corner of Walnut & Jefferson

Contact Us 417.866.4326

Last Tuesday at 3:41 AM
The talent we have been given from our master’s hand is life itself. And what we will do with it has everything to do with how we understand the character of God, the possibilities of our life, and our own determination to participate in what the Holy Spirit is doing in this world. What will you do? #startyourweekwithscripture
We are called to sow the words of Jesus Christ. Living words. Words of hope that are backed up by prayer and action. Words of encouragement that come with participating in the lives of others. Words of love that are not only spoken out loud, but are demonstrated in the ways we treat all God’s children and invest in the future of our shared earth. #startyourweekwithscripture
As the merchant so with God. For all of creation belongs to the Creator. In the fullness of time, Jesus came, the pearl of great value. God held nothing back. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. There is nothing God will not do and has not done to bring the kingdom of heaven now and not yet. #startyourweekwithscripture
See you tomorrow morning for Bluegrass Sunday! Bring your 2020 Estimate of Giving Card, a gift for the nursery if you got one, and your assigned dish for the potluck. We are excited to celebrate the ways God is working through #thedowntownchurch
You know the drill. Stay warm. Stay safe.
If all goes well, we are thinking of extending the timeline on this rule. Maybe stretch it through Valentine’s Day. #thedowntownchurch #downtownsgf #churchsigns #thanksgiving #christmas
Enter grace. The landowner demonstrates unfathomable generosity. And we have to admit, just like the laborers hired first, we can find it incredibly disturbing and unfair. But this is not about fairness as we understand it. This is a parable about the grace of God. Grace comes from God and draws us to God. It is a gift, always amazing, always love. #startyourweekwithscripture
It’s a day to celebrate! Peter & Lori Situ finalized their adoption of Izzabell and Rayna this afternoon and we’re celebrating at the church from 4-5:30pm. Swing by if you can and join the party! #adoption #thedowntownchurch #downtownsgf
If you don’t feel like dressing up for Halloween, it’s totally okay* to just buy a bag of candy and eat it while binging Netflix. #halloween #treatyoself #downtownsgf⁣ ⁣ ⁣ *consult your physician
Praying is both a way of being in this world and a way of engaging with it. It is actively seeking God’s will to be done. It is bringing before the righteous judge all that is unrighteous. It is naming what we think we cannot name. Praying is bringing to the One who moves mountains the mountains in our own lives, knowing that if we need the strength to climb them, if will come from the most high God. We are not to lose heart. With prayer, we increase the capacity of our heart to hold the world. #startyourweekwithscripture
If you didn’t get a chance to visit the new nursery on Sunday, here are a few pictures. Go check it out next time you’re at the church! It looks great! 😍😍
We are so thankful for the many volunteers who keep our building and grounds looking 💯! From the shrubs to the potted plants, the carpets to the kitchen, we couldn’t do it without you. #thankful