The Downtown Church

A church that meets in the middle of young & old, rich & poor, believers & non-believers. A place where Christ and the community intersect.

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 at the corner of Walnut & Jefferson


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Last Friday at 2:22 AM
Come check out our Sunday morning group from 9-10am. Right now they’re studying the Little Golden Books - some of the shortest books of the Bible. It’s a new book and discussion each week so come and go as you’re able. #thedowntownchurch
Jesus taught us truths that must not be lost. He spoke words that will transform hearts. They will nourish our souls. If we don’t continue to tell his story and teach his words, who will? The Downtown Church is committed to setting the table from which all can feast. #startyourweekwithscripture
Normal worship prep. See you all tomorrow at the @spfldtheatre for Sunday worship. 10am for coffee and conversation, 10:30am for worship. #downtownsgf #thedowntownchurch
Last Monday at 8:15 PM
Reflection as a value will cause us to see where we are following God and where we are walking away. We will ask questions, see through the eyes of others, and keep moving forward. Reflection propels us to continue exploring the next riverbend or climb the next mountain, for we do not want to miss the next opportunity to bring Christ to the world. #startyourweekwithscripture
Some of our youth (and fearless leaders) are heading to Tulsa for the @ciybelieve conference! Pray for safe travels and a fun time (and sleep). #umc #methodist #thedowntownchurch
Up and ready for @ciybelieve. But first, coffee! #umc #methodist #thedowntownchurch #tulsa
We have one story to tell. It is of the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. It is the story that transforms lives and changes the world. Yet, the way we tell our story, the creativity we use, the innovations we attempt, the willingness to use our imagination, will and must change. #startyourweekwithscripture
Group shot at the @tulsaboxyard before Day 2 starts!
Yesterday at 1:33 AM
We’re lucky to have awesome volunteers who aren’t afraid to reconstruct a wheel so our 130 year old bell can ring again! Thanks Jack! #thedowntownchurch
Jesus engaged and built relationships with the most unlikely children of God. They were young and old, rich and poor, believers and nonbelievers. Jesus sees people as they are. Really sees them. Maybe that is another definition of acceptance: seeing someone as they are. #startyourweekwithscripture
It worked!!!! Go #Chiefs !!!!!
Burning off some energy at @gathertulsa after lunch at @motherroadmarket