The Downtown Church

A church that meets in the middle of young & old, rich & poor, believers & non-believers. A place where Christ and the community intersect.

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 at the corner of Walnut & Jefferson

Contact Us 417.866.4326

Our words teach. Our deeds teach. We teach with an outstretched arm to embrace or a turned head to ignore. We teach by lifting up or putting down. We teach by whom we invite into our lives and who we exclude. Teach mercy, teach grace, teach justice, teach hope, teach love. Teach Jesus. #startyourweekwithscripture
A gap has been created between what we believe and value as followers of Jesus Christ, and the way we live this out in our every day. Narrowing this gap has everything to do with strengthening the bonds that bring humanity together. By grace, God gives us love. By pure grace, God brings goodness to us and works in us and through us to bring it to the world. #startyourweekwithscripture
It’s not every Sunday that friends from long ago and far away gather at #thedowntownchurch but today was one of those days! These four represent 60 years of friendship that started in this very church!
Last Monday at 10:14 PM
God is light. God turns night into day, darkness into light. Through the dawning of a new day, the hope of a song, the words of a prayer, the cry of a child, the encouragement of Scripture, God seeks and finds us. Reaching out, we come out of the darkness and are swept into God’s grace. #startyourweekwithscripture
We describe The Downtown Church as multigenerational, and we are, but we are also multi-gifted, multi-experienced. We see things from multiple perspectives and through multiple lenses. We go from this place to many places and many families. Yet, we find our unity in Jesus Christ. #startyourweekwithscripture
Last Wednesday at 1:44 AM
We mentioned it on Sunday, but as we are near the finish line with the new nursery and toddler room, we want to be able to shower the spaces with furnishings and toys. You can find the baby registry on Amazon - search for Kelsie Young-Smith. There’s a direct link on our Facebook page.
The values of Jesus Christ: love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, hope, and generosity that we hold so dear, sing of so boldly, pray for so earnestly on Sunday, are constantly being challenged every day. The gap between what we say and what we do as Christ followers will deeply imprint on all children and will affect their own relationship with God throughout their lives. #startyourweekwithscripture
Social media is most often the place to post the best of us. This picture is not that. This is a messy, water-stained, old, somewhat smelly, hasn’t-been-used-in-five-years office. It’s easy to just see the big mess and mismatched furnishings, but this picture makes us excited. This picture is part of the future. A space for our children’s coordinator and volunteers to plan and create a program where Christ and kids intersect. And if you only see the problems with the picture, you’d miss noticing the freshly painted walls and trim that some volunteers are working on. This room is part of the potential people told us about for years. And now, with a fresh coat of paint and new ceiling tiles on the way, the room is being redeemed from disrepair. It’s being recreated. It’s new again. And isn’t that the business we are really in? #thedowntownchurch
Come get caffeinated with Lori and Brian, this morning from 9-11 AM @europeancafe
Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. -Psalm 62:5
See you in the morning, fam!