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Greetings from The Downtown Church! This is a bi-weekly email with information about events, updates, and other fun things from the leadership of the church.

With Lori in Georgia, so selfishly (that's a joke ) donating a kidney to her brother, I figured I would be a little selfish myself and use this space to write about something she would never discuss - the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, football season is upon us and my beloved Chiefs are set to defend their Super Bowl title.

They say football is the ultimate team sport. It takes all 11 players, working together in trust and support to execute and win the game. And whenever a player is injured, even a star player, it's important for the others to pick up the slack. This church is kind of like that. Lori may be gone for the next few weeks, but I've already witnessed how this place comes together like the amazing team it is.

We had seven volunteers helping make the first Good Dads Strong Schools meeting a success at McGregor on Wednesday. Paul Baker has been busy this week fixing and repairing spaces. Jack Wicks filled some cracks in the concrete walkway from the parking lot. I saw three ladies preparing prize baskets for McGregor's open house next week.

A team of volunteers led by Lisa Slattery served at Crosslines yesterday and another team will meet tomorrow night to welcome the community for our First Friday Art Walk Party. And this month Kris Keller and Heather Blair will help share the preaching load while the boss is doing her thing in Georgia.

This is really just a long winded way of saying I'm amazed at how many people, in a smallish church like ours, have come together to make good happen in our community, and I'm so proud to serve here!

Please do keep Pastor Lori in your prayers tomorrow and make plans to join us for some fun tomorrow night on First Friday.

Go Chiefs,

Our September First Friday Art Walk Party is TOMORROW. Jump into the Labor Day weekend with some big fun at The Downtown Church! We'll have live music from our very own Melinda Mullins with the Layton Hollow Gals, kids activities, popcorn and lemonade. It's all free and it goes from 6-8pm on Friday, September 1st.
On September 10th, there will be TWO parent meetings. Right after church, Carla will pull all the parents of kids up to 5th grade together for a short meeting and lunch to discuss the new curriculum, our plans for the fall, and where we need your help. Please make plans to join us!

That evening, there will be a youth paren't meeting at 5:30pm to discuss all the events, plans, and expectations for the fall. We hope to see you there!

It's our month to help out the kids at Rare Breed. Please grab a food item off the wall in the main hallway and bring it back by Sunday, September 24. This will help the homeless and vulnerable youth in our community make it through the weekend with some food in their bellies.

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