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I finished reading a book my son Zak gave me for Christmas last night. I love reading stories about people, and this person was fascinating. The book is entitled Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman! An Adventure of a Curious Character. It is a memoir of Richard P. Feynman, a theoretical physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, won a Nobel Prize for physics and lived an extraordinary life in his 69 years. Feynman’s curiosity about everything from art to bongo drums to why a plate wobbles when thrown to nanotechnology was fascinating (not that I understood it all). His curiosity would extend to people he met on the street, in a bar or at a prestigious science conference and brought him into extraordinary circumstances that a less curious person would have missed.

My greatest takeaway from this book is the importance of being curious and the gift of wondering. Wondering what makes something work. Wondering how to create something new. Wondering about someone else’s thoughts, culture, and language. And then from the wondering to move into action. Picking up a brush and learning how to paint. Joining a band just for the fun of playing an instrument. Engaging in a conversation where the only agenda is to know more about the other person. Reading a book about a Nobel Prize winning physicist just to expand my own imagination.

This week our REconstruction series begins with small group opportunities for you to stretch your curiosity, learn from one another, and then choose how you might grow as a result of the time you spent together. I invite you to take this opportunity to feed your curiosity by engaging with others.

Thanks Dr. Feynman. That was fun.

See you Sunday,

What do you do when your understanding of God outgrows the box it came in? How do you lay a new foundation with the pieces that are left? This month, we'll spend five weeks talking about rebuilding, repairing, and maintaining our faith. There will also be an opportunity to dive deeper with six different discussion groups. You can signup for one online right here. Childcare will be provided Sunday mornings & evenings.
We are making our return to the Landers Stage for the first time in four years for Community Worship at the Springfield Little Theatre! The fun happens on Sunday, February 4, at our regular time of 10:30am. This is always a fun and unique worship experience as our wonderful neighbors let us worship in the their theatre. Invite your friends and families and mark your calendars for Sunday, February 4.

Chili + Bingo = CHILINGO. This fun, all-ages event will feature a chili cook-off and Bingo with prizes to support our youth group as they raise money for a great week on the campus of Central Methodist University this summer. You can sign up online to join the fun and enter a pot of chili into the contest. Best of luck!

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