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Greetings from The Downtown Church! This is a bi-weekly email with information about events, updates, and other fun things from the leadership of the church.

There are books and podcasts galore in Christian circles dealing with the concept of “deconstructing” faith. It describes the process by which people look with clarity at the faith they were raised in, the doctrines they were taught, the meaning of scripture and other facets of their religious upbringing and challenge them. Sometimes there is a specific incident that causes a person to begin to see God in a different way, more loving, more compassionate, more grace-filled, less judgmental, less angry, less mean. Sometimes it is the ways in which Christians themselves behave that causes a person to question faith, churches, and organized religion.

And I believe it is vital to deconstruct what is harmful, but not to leave it in the pieces. We need to  reconstruct a faith that gives a foundation sturdy enough to support the following of Jesus as we see to love God and love neighbor in this world.

REconstruction is the name of the 5-week series we are starting in worship on January 14. While we will take time to acknowledge the need to deconstruct, we want to move forward to the more important work of reconstruction. I want to invite you to be part of this series, both in worship and by joining a small discussion group. We are meant to live and grow in a community, and this is an opportunity for you to explore your own questions and learn from others. It is also a great opportunity to invite people you know who are not a part of this church or maybe any religion at all to do the same, with you. The groups begin Sunday evening, January 14. The leadership is excellent. You will be blessed. I'm sure of it.

You can signup online right here!

See you Sunday,

What do you do when your understanding of God outgrows the box it came in? How do you lay a new foundation with the pieces that are left? This month, we'll spend five weeks talking about rebuilding, repairing, and maintaining our faith. There will also be an opportunity to dive deeper with six different discussion groups. You can signup for one online right here. Childcare will be provided Sunday mornings & evenings.
Thank you all for your tremendous generosity during the Christmas season! We were able to supply Rare Breed and the downtown Youth Drop-In Center with much needed food and supplies for the cold weather season. Your financial support was amazing too, as we are able to help supply solar power to churches and parsonages in Mozambique and to help our congregation and community through our Benevolence Fund. In total, over $14,000 was collected!

Our church sure looks pretty during the Christmas season, but the time has come to take down the lights, and the trees, and put the decorations back in their boxes. If you can stay after worship this Sunday, we would love the help taking down the decorations. From there, our Christmas Elves will organize and put them away until we unpack them next Advent. Happy New Year, friends!

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