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Greetings from The Downtown Church! This is a bi-weekly email with information about events, updates, and other fun things from the leadership of the church.

I love marching bands! I forgot just how much I love them until our oldest grandchildren, Hunter and Benny, joined the Logan-Rogersville Marching Wildcats this year. I have watched their show as it grew from a few songs after a sweltering band camp in August to a first-place award last weekend in Columbia. I am grateful that someone livestreams the show when they travel. Tomorrow, I am tagging along with their mom, dad, and sister to see their final performance of the season in St. Louis. (Shoutout to our own Curtis Tipton as director of the Parkview High School band and their great show I saw at Ozarko!)

I grew up going to football games where my favorite part was the halftime show of the Tuscaloosa Marching Band and the Alabama Crimson Tide Million Dollar Band. I even remember back in the day when the commentators would finally be quiet and I could at last watch the bands on TV. I miss that.

There is so much about watching and hearing a marching band that makes me happy. Seeing young people working as a team, making music, and waving banners together is fun. No one gets hurt. No one is pushing or shoving. If you step out of line, you just get right back in. If you hit a wrong note, it's ok, you just keep playing. Drop a prop, move on. It’s all about the whole band working together to produce something beautiful and special that no one person could produce alone.

What’s my point? I’m not sure, other than gratitude for the many teachers, band directors, parents, sponsors, and others who every day pour their love and skills into students so that they may make a joyful sound on the field, in the gym, and in classrooms.

With gratitude,

Well...unfortunately, the weather does not seem to be cooperating with us. We are going to cancel our Millsap Farms Pizza Night for this Saturday. All the forecasts look like it's going to be a deluge and cold, and that just doesn't sound like a good time. We hope to do this again next year. We are pretty darn bummed!
We can't thank you enough for your generosity! Your 2024 pledge cards help us create a good estimate for our budget. Your generosity helps us plan and manage our resources for the coming year. If you would still like to make a pledge to help us solidify our plans and operating budget, you can do that online right here.

Our youth are having a good old fashioned costume contest this Sunday night! Get spooky, funny, or silly and try to impress the judges enough to win first place. Puppets begins at 5pm and youth starts at 5:30pm this Sunday.

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